It Could Hurt Someone Else More Than it Could Hurt You…

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Words that spew from our mouth, the put downs, and the belittles, actually damages others.  Specially our children with bullies at school, the people we work with and our elderly.  

We cuss and curse; we call others names, out loud or under our breath, is that really what we should be doing? To people in our world, this world is tough enough to live in without causing someone else pain.

Many think that the words can’t hurt; only they do.  Remember the statement stick and stones may break your bones but words will never hurt you.  In this statement which isn’t true, whoever wrote this was a bully, abuser, and wasn’t the one being bullied or abused by someone’s words.

A bully or abuser is someone with an unstable home life and takes it out on others.  They are everywhere, from
school to the places that we work as adults, and in nursing homes that care for our elderly.  Basically those who carry
on this bizarre behavior learned it from either being bullied, or abused.

Seriously life is a hard enough challenge, without dealing with the bully or the abuser everyday in life. Choosing the path we go most of the time isn’t from or by the choices we make, but the others that we find along the path of life.  Most if not all the people you find on your path will make you or break you.

The deep scars that being bullied or abused causes, are carried deep in the soul, and could be released at any moment notice.  So try putting yourself in the other persons shoes, this could help you decide, on if this is the way you want to be treated, or even remembering the golden rule, Do unto to others as you would like done to you.

But understanding human nature is hard.  Each person sees things differently, seeing it their own way, as well as reasoning. They don’t believe they are a bully or an abuser.  Breaking the cycle or the pattern of being a bully or abuser takes time, wanting to break the pattern of being a bully or an abuser takes even more time.


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