Generating Revenue With Your Blog.

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Building a blog with great content and getting it to rank well is a great thing. If you’ve done the building and optimizing correctly, you’ll see traffic start to increase and page views start to climb.

There’s no way to make easy money. You have to be patient, positive, and persistent.

As a reality check, let’s discuss timelines at this point. The goal here is to make money with your blog. Fair enough. But the basics of business still apply. It’s improbable that you’ll place your blog live online and within weeks begin seeing revenue. Sure, you might see a dollar or two every few days, but what we’re after is more like hundreds or thousands of dollars per month, something real, something you can actually use.

A lot of talk exists about whether google has a “sandbox” a place where new sites go to “age” before being included in the general search results. Google denies it exists, and while we’re not going to say it does exists, we will say that about a year after one of our sites went live, there was suddenly a large increase in inbound search related traffic from, guess who?.

The idea of “aging” a Web site certainly makes sense. It gives the site a chance to establish it self, grow it’s content, and get the extended period of time to judge wether the site is real or just some fly by night site that won’t ever get updated or expanded.

Google likes sites that receive frequent updates, so using this time (it varies, but let’s say one year, because that ballpark figure is realistic) to add more content and fine tune internal cross linking is a very wise move.

Having a blog that makes money takes work and an investment of time. Be prepared to run through several months of you updating content and not generating much revenue.

After you emerge from the sandbox or aging period or what ever you want to call it, you will see traffic begin to increase and, along with it, revenue. More traffic equals more revenue, it’s a simple equation. This doesn’t mean you won’t see traffic from other efforts such as link building and some basic directory submissions. It simply means it’ll take a while for sites like Google, Yahoo, and MSN/Live to become larger drivers of traffic to you.


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