Growing is a Life Long Lesson That Should Never Stop

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I was walking in the hallway at school one day when I saw a teacher that honestly I really didn’t care for.  He was pompous, arrogant and you can see the look on his face that he was very sure of himself.  I will say though that he was a very smart and intelligant man.  A good way to learn is to seek out advice from anyone and everyone about the subject you are learning.  Even if you do not like them.  I stopped him in the hallway and asked him a simple yet hard question.  The question was “How do you get good at something”? He looked at me like I had two heads for a minute and what he said had a very profound effect on me from that moment on.  He said “Never feel satisfied with what you did because, If you ever feel satisfied with how you did at something then put it down and never pick it up again.  You will never get any better at it”.  I remember standing there for a minute without saying a word as he walked off. That statement set the tone for many things in my life that I accomplished.  It effected me so much that I felt i wanted to take it a little further as a life lesson.   

Let’s face it there are people on this Earth that are meant for certain things in life.  Whether it would be a fantastic musician, writer or film maker.  Things change in the world because of visions that are built upon.  Some people look at something and think that they can do better.  There is nothing wrong with thinking that you can do something better than someone else.  That is a way that we get better are things in life.

The problem will come when you think that nobody knows more than you about a certain subject.  This way of thinking will just hold you back in the long run.  Let’s take running for example.  You are a runner and you are use to coming in first place.  It maybe easy to become complacent later on with this.  Take the attitude that there is always someone that is going to be faster than you.  Taking that attitude will help push you to the next level.  If you feel that you are the fastest runner than it is time to stop running.  You will not get any faster.  Always strive for the next level. 

This brings me to the final point of knowledge.  Knowledge is the powerful tool that we could ever use.  If you feel that nobody knows more than you then it is time to stop learning.  A wise person will take what they know and build upon it.  A wise person will take constructive critisism and learn from it.  The way to become the best at something is to realize that there is someone that knows more than you.  If you feel that someone knows more thn you then you will have the drive to learn more and more.  You will have the drive to know more than that person.

There is nothing wrong however, with feeling confident and sure of yourself.  People can look at this as a sign of strength and security. Confidence is what helps us feel sure of ourselves.  It is what helps us grow more as a person. 


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