Colitis Disease

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The colitis disease is a condition that affects the colon. Among the causes that have been listed is autoimmune reactions, bacterial and viral infections as well as blood supplies that are poor. Other causes include smoking as well as the use of birth control pills. The colon is otherwise known as the large intestine and has the duty of storing the body’s waste. The colitis disease forms in the mucosal layer where it kills cells that line it. This condition can be quite painful as it ends up forming pus, which can cause severe pain. People suffering from colitis disease will also be prone to diarrhea as a result of the inflammation. The colitis disease occurs three different parts of the colon and this gives them different names in regard to where inflammation occurs.

For instance, distal colitis is the name given to the inflammation that occurs on the colon’s left side. Ulcerative proctitis is the inflammation that affects the rectum or the colon’s lower part. The third infection is referred to as pancolitis and this refers to inflammation in the entire colon. The common symptoms with the colitis disease include anemia, skin lesions, rectal bleeding, weight loss, stunted growth, joint pain, and fatigue. Other symptoms will include dehydration due to loss of body fluids through diarrhea, which is mostly bloody. If this condition is left untreated, patients may suffer osteoporosis, eye inflammation, as well as liver infections. To diagnose this disease, one will have to see a doctor who will run various medical tests.

Among them will be a colonoscopy which is a test done under anesthesia. It is thorough and thus the best way to diagnose the colitis disease. Antibiotics are administered primarily to deal with the bacterial infection though care should be taken since they are known to trigger the colitis disease as well. Other drugs that are used to cure this disease include aminosalicylates, which help towards stopping further inflammation. This drug comes with side effects such as diarrhea, vomiting, nausea and hurt burn though they clear with time. Another drug used is the corticosteroids, which also help, stop the inflammation. This drug works well though side effects such as weight gain, anemia, hypertension, and acne maybe present. Immunomodulators are also used and they work towards boosting immunity and other drugs may also be administered according to the doctor’s findings.

Some severe cases may lead to hospitalization due to dehydration that is brought about by severe diarrhea. In worse cases, the colon is removed through surgery. These cases include a ruptured colon, cancer risk or massive bleeding that threatens the life of the person. It is important to seek treatment early enough since the colitis disease may lead to colon cancer. Colon cancer is may occur if the person has suffered from the disease for long and if the colon is severely damaged. It is advisable to keep the disease at bay through a change in lifestyle that involves improved hygiene, healthy eating, as well as staying away from caffeinated beverages.


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