Sea Hunt: Murder at Sixty Feet

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Sea Hunt: Murder at Sixty Feet, the 10th show of the 2nd season, was totally captivating.  I couldn’t even multi-task as I so often do because I was entranced by the underwater scenery and what was happening.

There were some great shots of sea life, like a giant tortoise which they used for swimming.  It was just awesome.  This adventure series is at its best when it shows off the ocean and its power.

The basic plot in this half hour is a woman injured in a mountain climbing accident and loses the ability to walk.  Her doctor believes that water therapy would help her, so Mike Nelson (Lloyd Bridges) is hired to teach her to scuba dive.

These scenes are terrific and even as the plot turns more dramatic, the ocean’s power continues to be a big part of the plot.  I was just fascinated by the whole thing.

The episode guest stars Joyce Taylor and William Boyett, both of whom turn in solid performances, but for me, the real star of the show was Silver Springs, Florida, which doubled for the Pacific Ocean.  I could watch those waves all day and not tire of it.

I actually think this is possibly the best show of the entire series; certainly, it’s in my top five.


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