Top 10 Sexiest Female Cartoon Characters

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Top # 10: She- Ra ( She-Ra: Princess of Power)

Placed in number 10 is She-Ra the princess of Power which appear in He-Man cartoons series as gorgeous blonde amazon possesses luscious long legs. Love her tight pearl color skirt and the way the bring up that swards.

Top # 9: Superwomen

If have superman then you surely can’t run away from superwomen. She is the hottest cartoon Character during my childhood days.

Top # 8: Cheetara – Thundercat

This is one of the reason i watches Thundercat. She lighting fast in speed and use the yellow stick as weapon. Love her lovely kind of costume and also the black dalmatian dot covered blonde hair. 

Top #7: Wonder Women

Another superhero type female cartoon character that melt my heart out. Sometime i do confuse between wonderwomen and superwomen, they quiet look alike in term of superpower and beauty.

Top # 6: Daphne Blake – Scooby Doo

In Scooby Doo cartoon series, Daphne has the beauty and matches with her intellect. No matter she been chased down by ghost or variety kind of monsters, she always manage to keep her purple dress in good shape. 

Top # 5: Batgirl

Same as other super heroes like supergirl and wonder women, batgirls give the mysterious appearances  with her black skin tight bat costume. She did team up pretty well with batman to battle the Criminal in Graham City.

Top # 4: Stripperella

She quiet a multi tasking and busy person with fighting crime, saving the worlds and do pole dancing all in one night work for Stripperella. She was the first to have a digital scanner located under her tongue and a lie detector in her boobs.

Top # 3: Jessica Rabbit

This is one of the sexiest character among cartoon series which film in Who Framed Roger Rabbit. She the gorgeous torch singer pulls it off, standing her man until the very end.

Top # 2: Lara Croft – Tomb Raider

She really got the awesome adventure looking figure with skintight hiking gear and full packed with high tech weapons. Lara Croft is depicted as an athletic woman; she has brown eyes and hair, frequently kept in a plait. The character’s classic costume is a turquoise sleeveless tank top, light brown shorts, calf-high boots, and long white socks.

Top # 1: Tsunade – Naruto

I’m personally is a Naruto animation fans and love the Tsunade very much. She was the fifth Hokage Of Konohagakure and took the position after the death of her teacher Hiruzen Sarutobi. Tsunade is one of the powerful ninja that Konoha produced. She well trained in hand to hand combat and medical ninjutsu. She is hailed as the world’s strongest and most beautiful kunoichi. Get more detail of Transformers Optimus Prime Toy online here.

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