She Knew That Simon Would Like The Gift

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Simon was Ann’s friend. Ann wanted to give Simon a gift on his birthday. Simon had invited Ann to his birthday part. Simon lived in a little house with his family.

He had a lot of books and toys. Simon had everything he needed. `I want to give him something different,’ thought Ann. Ann though and thought. Ann’s mother had an idea, `why do not you give Simon anew shirt?’

`No’ said Ann, `Simon likes to choose his own clothes. `Should we give Simon a new watch?’ asked Ann’s father. I do not think that’s a good idea,’ said Ann, `Simon already has two watches.’ We can gift him a dog!’ cried out Ann’s brother.

`A dog?’ asked Ann. `Yes! I have seen him playing with small puppies,’ said Ann’s brother. But Simon’s mother hates dogs’, said Ann. `she will never allow a dog into her house.’

`What about birds then?’ asked Ann’s brother. `Birds?’ asked Ann. `Birds will need a cage,’ Ann’s mother said.

`No’ said Ann, `Simon wants the birds to be free,’ she said. `We can gift him birds that can fly freely and come back to their homes,’ said Ann’s brother. `What kind of a bird does that?’ asked Ann. `We can gift Simon a pair of pigeons’ said Ann’s brother.

`Pigeons?’ asked Ann. `Yes pigeons can be trained to fly away and come back to their home’, said Ann’s brother.

`What do you think?’ Ann asked her parents. Ann’s parents liked the idea. Ann was very happy. Simon was her best friend. Ann would gift him a pair of pigeons on his birthday.

She knew that Simon would like the gift.

The theatre

Mother, father, Ram and Sweta entered the theatre hall. It was eleven thirty a.m. the family was on a holiday. They had come to the theatre to see a dance show.

It was a very hot day. They sat down in the theatre hall. Ram and Sweta were thirsty. They wanted to know if there was a drinks stall in the theatre.

They saw a man moving with some cold drinks in a bucket. Ram waved at him. The man walked up to the two boys gave them a bottle each.

Ram and Sweta took a sip. They left better now. After sometime, they heard noises coming from behind the stage.

The curtains went up. A man was playing a guitar. After a few minutes the dancers came to the stage one by one. The dancers were moving slowly. The dancers took one step at a time.

They stopped and moved their hands around. The dress of the dancers was beautiful. The dancers then stood on one foot and moved their body around. Ram and Sweta were amazed.

They knew that the dance steps were difficult. The boys liked the way the dancers moved their hands. Ram tried to move his hands but could not. Seeing this Sweta laughed.

Father and mother were also watching the dancers closely. They liked the dancers closely. They liked the dance movements too. After seeing two dance shows, the family came out of the hall.

They came back to their house. The whole family had enjoyed the show. `You must write a letter to you cousin, Rita. Tell her about the show.’ father Said. I will tell Mrs. Rao about the show,’ said mother.


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