Aging Youthfully

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Life is for once and every moment is worth living. Time is like sand and humans like any other living thing has to age with every passing moment. Yet if we can make each passing moment of our life meaningful by aging gracefully, youthfully and healthily we can remain happy forever without taking stress related to aging and by minimizing geriatric problems as much as possible. Most of us are worried once we near retirement and past our middle ages regarding various geriatric problems we may face related to health, looks and even sexual libido. But one must understand that like any other stage of our life aging is also a natural process and a phase which the luckier ones go through as they had not been unfortunate to meet with a premature death.

For aging youthfully one has to be youthful at heart and do things that will keep back youth as long as possible. By saying youthful it’s meant that one should try to keep health problems at bay, follow regular fitness regimes with a balanced diet, exercise and more than anything else one should have a positive and cheerful attitude. One shouldn’t connect aging necessarily with the possibilities of health problems as in today’s modern world even the young generation is not spared from health problems that were previously only connected with the elderly population. Therefore rather than feeling dreadful about aging one must embrace and accept which is inevitable and do as much as possible in one’s hands to remain free of geriatric problems.

Usually aging is considered the opposite of youth as one falls prey to health problems, lack of sexual libido, mental infirmity etc. But one must remember that a prior preparation to face aging can make one age youthfully which means remaining younger at heart and body than one’s real age is. Research have shown healthy lifestyles contribute a lot to maintain youth globally as all the body functions remain active therefore less chances of health problems crop up. A healthy lifestyle means regular exercise, yoga, physical activities and balanced diet, enough rest and sleep, keeping the mind engaged in positive and creative thinking, abstinence from bad habits and substance abuse and maintaining a good social circle.

If one remains meaningfully involved and active one can easily combat both physical and mental infirmity thereby laying the path to aging youthfully.


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