No String Attached Movie Quotes

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No String Attached Quotes

“No Strings Attached Friendship has its benefits.”

“Can you have sex without love getting in the way?

No Strings attached

Indian Girl: ” you dont remember my name don’t you”

Ashcton Kutcher: “its a good good time last night

Indian Girl: “Its Alright Nothing special”

“Hey Adam you left your socks in my room”

“Hey Jim”


Ashcton Kutcher: “what happen last night?

Girl: “You made my body hurt so much”

“Your Up”

Ashcton Kutcher: “emma?”

Ashcton Kutcher: Did i have sex with anyone in this apartment last night?

Natalie Portman: “No you didnt”

Ashcton Kutcher: so i past out in your couch?

Natalie Portman: “Yeah you were naked and crying”

You like her?

Ashcton Kutcher: “i can’t date her she is my oldest friend”

Ashcton Kutcher: You are very sexy

Natalie Portman: “i know”

Did you have sex with Emma?

Ashcton Kutcher: No (smiling) yes


Natalie Portman:  “i am a doctor i worked 80 hours a week i need someone who’s gonna be in my bed. i dont want to eat break fast with

Ashcton Kutcher: “i hate breakfast”

Natalie Portman: “good”

Ashcton Kutcher: “its Emma texting asking where were am i?”

“You need to come back strong here like where am i – check your underpants


” i know right that”

Natalie Portman: Maybe we should established ground rules no wine, no jealousy

Ashcton Kutcher: Dont ask me what i think of your body

” i can’t focus on my porn with all this real sex going on around me

Ashcton Kutcher: “i think i’m falling for her”

“That’s horrible idea you’re living every guy dream right now why would messed that up”

Ashcton Kutcher: “I think I really like you”

“You always find this perfect guy and you it like never work”

Natalie Portman: “I think Monogamy goes against her basic biology”

Natalie Portman: “go find someone else”

Ashcton Kutcher: “you’re kidding okay”

Ashcton Kutcher: “Im gonna callevery girl on my phone til someone agreed to have sex with me”

“IL toast to that”

“That a terrible self destructive plan and were behind you hundred percent”

Natalie Portman: “You are such an over achiever”

Ashcton Kutcher:  “Thank you”

Ashcton Kutcher: “You want to have date with me just one date”

Natalie Portman:  “Why just we can have sex”

Ashcton Kutcher: “You can’t fight me your just miniature you fight like a hamster.”

No Strings Attached

Friendship has its benefits.


Natalie Portman

Ashton Kutcher

Ben Lawson

Greta Gerwig

Kevin Kline

Ophelia Lovibond

Genres: Comedy and Romance

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