Law of Attraction: Appreciation

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When ulitizing The Law of Attraction being in a state of appreciation is key in manifesting what you want instead of what you dont want. As I have mentioned before, your vibration is a perfect match for your focus and you will draw more of it to you. You can say you want this thing or that thing but if you spend your time complaining about something else you will definately have the pleasure of more to complain about.

Unless you find a way to appreciate your finances, health or relationships for what you want them to be then it will never become your reality. In other words, use appreciation to talk your way into it.

Each time you pay a bill, become aware of having the money for it and over emphasize that fact to yourself;

I always have enough for my expenses.

I even have more than enough for my expenses.

I love knowing I can buy what I want because I have the money for it.

I feel very abundant and secure.

Make a point to notice people who are well off and see them as a sign of enough for everyone.

If you haven’t done it already, make a list of one hundred things you appreciate, and every day add ten things to that list. Don’t worry about relisting items. By purposefully appreciating things, you are training your mind to work in a different way. Seeking happiness will become second nature and things that you appreciate will find there way to you.

This little game brings you in alignment with your source self and helps to allow your desires to manifest by keeping you from entertaining negativity. If you practise raising your vibration and remain purposefully joyful and positive then your manifestation processing time speeds up.

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