The Facebook Addiction

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“Facebook me” or “friend me on facebook”

That’s what I currently hear a lot nowadays.

What started out as a small project for a bunch of small time programmers has conquered the world.

I guess the saying “Nerds will rule the world” finally came true.

Its on everyone’s mind even if they won’t admit it.

I was addicted to facebook for quite a few months because of the games you could play and the amount of interaction that comes along with this social network. I’d hurry home just so I could log in and check new messages, new friend requests, new pictures and then play Mafia Wars and Farmville (the 2 biggest games then, I don’t really know if it still is today). I was so addicted I reached level 520 on my Mafia Wars character and had a huge plantation on farmville.

The more I was logged into Facebook, the more I forgot about the important things in life. Like actually being with my girlfriend instead of chatting with her, like earning real world money instead of looting millions in Mafia Wars and actually breaking a sweat instead of plowing with a few clicks on Farmville.

Needless to say, I gained weight and lost quite a few brain cells during those weeks.

I consciously stopped logging in to Facebook because I knew I was already addicted. I didn’t delete my account though. I just stayed away from computers and the internet to cure myself. I learned that in order to fight an addiction you’d have to be honest with yourself and come up with a plan.

At first I longed to log in.

My hands were itching.

I was restless.

I was going through a withdrawal stage and just like any addiction it was quite tough.

It was only by thinking about all the wasted time that I was able to convince myself not to. I had a lot of mental arguments with myself, to the point where it was schizophrenic in nature! hehe

So here I am now 6 months since that time and I’m doing ok. I log in to facebook every now and then (once or twice a month) and log out just as fast when I’ve checked all the new things out.

Facebook is the new drug. It’s effects are just as devastating to an individual if they are not careful about their usage habit.

Are you addicted to Facebook?


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