Big Dog or Small Dog? Which Would You Choose?

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My girl friend’s birthday is coming soon and she’s been hinting at getting a new dog. A beagle to be exact.

Now I for one like the looks of a beagle. Plus they’re easy going little dogs that are very loyal to their masters. They’re quite sweet tempered too.

Problem is they cost quite a bit.

And I’m not too sure Max (her shih tzu) would like another cute dog as his companion. When we went to Baguio, Max was constantly tormented by a small dog until he became aggressive and started nipping at Shaquille (I forget the breed).

I wonder how a beagle would adjust to a slightly older dog. I mean Max can be quite mean at times and exhibits an alpha dog behavior at times. He tends to dominate people. I think Max doesn’t know that he’s a small, wait make that tiny dog.

There are times where I have to remind him that he is smaller than I am when he gets a bit frisky and starts to nip my ears by pushing him down and holding him down by the neck. This is a behavior dogs understand as being dominated by a bigger, stronger dog in the wild.

If Max gets a new companion and starts to bully it as a pup, the beagle might become reclusive and become aggressive towards other dogs (and god forbid, people) too.

So I’m thinking I should get a bigger dog to tame Max with. Like a Great Dane or a mastiff.

The terrifying thing there is that since these dogs tend to get a bit big, they might end up swallowing Max whole if he gets too nippy.

Whew! What a dilemma!

So if you were in my shoes… would you get a big dog or a small dog as a companion for a shih tzu?



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