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Are you really interested in settling abroad and working there in the medical sector as per your education and job experience? Then you may need to write a vibrant medical CV for yourself which could fetch you reliable results.

The term Medical CV mainly refers to as the resume or curriculum vitae for the job aspirants who have a medical background. The medical CV is considered to be different from the regular CV because it mainly includes studying or working experience related to medical field. This found to quite long as compared to normal CV.

Therefore due to this reason some people believe that writing a medical CV is a difficult activity for them for in the hunt for job abroad. It has been said that the format of medical CV basically includes “story of your life” that mainly includes your personal and professional information. In case you are seeking job abroad then you may need to have certain important documents with you such as driving license of that particular country, immigration status, residential proof, passport size photographs, etc. In the event you like to have the perfect format for writing medical CV, you may go through the below mentioned guidelines:

Personal Details

The first step which will come in drafting the Medical Resume is your personal details that primarily includes:



Contact Numbers: (home and mobile)


DOB: (optional)

User profile

In many medical CV’s we happen to discover the brief summary of the job candidate including targets, talents, aspirations, job description , and so forth. This particular summary is known as an account belonging to the applicant. It is advised to have this user profile to the point and precise. Don’t make it very long.


Accreditations generally have the studying background belonging to the job applicant that is designed in reversed chronological structure, the very last will come very first as well as the very first will come very last. This mainly incorporates your schooling, medical college degree as well as details of awarding business, etc.

General Medical Council (GMC) Rank

This primarily depicts the registrations of candidates with GMC in terms of provisional, limited or complete registration state.

Association of Medical Defense Union

This generally includes your affiliation with the Medical Defense union, who may provide you with medical remuneration insurance policy and round the clock medical legal counsel service. It may assist you in securing additional points for the position you have sent applications for.


In this part of Medical CV come is the employment history of the job applicant. It is recommended to write this backwards chronological order such as existing job details must appear first and then you could incorporate your working experience since leaving school of medicine. Ensure that you mention about your working exposure to recognized teacher, medical doctor or consultant. This may provide more weight age than the other appliers.

Medical Practical experience

This primarily includes your practice program or clinical experience which you have obtained from your career. It could include all the cases you undertook and resolved.

Educating Expertise

This column mainly contains the teaching expertise, in case any. You have to refer to every detail about teaching up to so and so period.


This generally include your involvement experience in the medical audits arranged through the advent of Clinical Governance, and NICE (National Institute for Clinical Excellence) committees. This is really beneficial in scoring you points for getting job abroad.


During your work experience in case you have taken part in any research program and got your material publicized in different local or worldwide journals, books, content articles, referred papers, editorials, any societal guides, etc. You may then need to incorporate the wanted information and facts for this in your medical CV.

Managing Working experience

This is generally required for the job candidate seeking senior most post, so that they need to offer their managerial knowledge about the existing as well as previous business.

Future Plans

After that you need to provide your career aspiration and plan in submission with job applied and how this could satisfy your job goals.


Eventually you may need to include hobbies and interests you’ve for example singing, dancing, doing charity, supporting needy people, playing games, etc.


Referees are very important to be incorporated into Medical CV as it may help in providing the personalized as well as working relationship belonging to the job applicant in reference to his staff, friends or family.

Considering the particulars properly filled within your medical Curriculum vitae makes you ready to submit an application for the required employment with complete excitement as well as self-confidence.

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