Poetry? Is it Really? Or Just Diary Entries.

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20 Aug 1993

I am a single element

an element of existence,

I exist to feign

to change

to remain, but

I do confess

I am a fallible element in some way;

Though my essence lies dormant in my famished entity-

suppressed by society

suppressed by aphasia-

I am a single element

an apparition some do say;

I exist for my demise, yet to that day

I exist to love – to be loved somehow

I pray.


27 Aug 1993

Behind the meaning of love is a shelter for us all

A place to believe in, a place to express emotions.

We gather our past and build a future there,

We speak of life

We speak of death

and we speak of time between.

Behind the reasons for love is a place for all

A place of peace and tranquility

A place to give and receive

A place to love

A place loved.


22 Sep 1993

Obscenities to the unknown eye

contribute to the naked distortion of adultery

roumers are no longer an imagination,

Our facades abused by disbelief

roam aimlessly,

scared to grasp the acceptance of reality

and silently oblige to condemn simplicity.


13 Oct 1993

Need i validate the ludicrous situation i control?

is my profundity paranoid?

i solicit to subsist

not be be succumb by other arrogance.

i fear i am susceptible to imperious behaviour,

yet only through disturbance of mind and body;

my elusive nature, though intractable, is intimidated.

the trans i convey,

is merely to elude interrogation of my incentive to live a mediocre existence.

Refrain from digesting my psyche.

your acumen negotiating my facade- be it obnoxious-

is far more tantalizing.


9 Nov 1993 (this was for a friend who provided comfort at the time)

For Guy

You appeared in my life

as an apparition from heaven,

with the beauty and grace of a shooting star,

and with innocence as pure as an eclipse;

Your cosmic expression

delivered me from a quest of demise,

your beautiful stamina

gave me endurance and passion;

I reached out to hold you

I tried to believe in you

I called your name

But I drifted straight through you.



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