Bulimia And Teenagers

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      Bulimia, the ”binge and purge” syndrome, is the practice of consuming food and then getting rid of it by vomitating, and/or using laxatives and diuretics. Addiction to the disorder means that a true bulimic vomits up to five times a day to disgorge every single morsel of food that has been eaten. Such a practice does extensive damage to one’s body. The blood-sugar level is destablished and the vitamins and minerals are seriuosly depleted. The gastric acid rots one’s throat , irritates the oesophagus and causes toth decay. Hormonal imbalance and heart abnormalities soon appear.

         Parents of the victims often fail to recognise the symptoms in time, as the bulimics keep their embarassing practice a most carefully guarded secret. However, drastic weight loss is a primary sign that something is wrong. Other symptoms include the lack of menstrual periods, excessive succumbs to diseases with cardiac arrest being the most common cause af death among bulimic and anorexic patients. Treatment of the disease deals with the malnutrition first, then sets up a specially calculated diet to restore balance in the organism. An important success factor is early detection. The longer these patterns continue, the more difficult they are to break.

       The cause of bulimia is psychological, and the reasons why any woman would inflict on herself such terrible damage are complex. Initially, it is the way a woman copes with reality. Food is used as a weapon against herself. Soon, however, a bulimic loses control and the addiction to throwing up food becomes physical. Without, expert advice, the bulimic is unable to break free from the ”trap” she herself has created. 


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