Side Effects of Harmful Chemicals

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We use many chemicals in different forms in our daily life which could be very harmful for human body. It is very neccessary to be aware from the side effects of those chemicals.

Sodium Chloride is a very important chemical which is used as salt in our maximum food items. If you are the patient of high blood pressure than you should reduce the use of salt, but it should also be keep in mind that a particular quantity of sodium is very necessary to be absorbed in body so it should not be completely eliminated. Patients of high blood pressure also need to take the minerals so they can use a bit quantity of potassium chloride instead of sodium chloride which can be easily available by the name of NoSalt.

White Processed Sugar is commonly used in almost every sweet dish which is very harmful for human body. Animals fulfill that need by natural resources. You can reduce the extra use of sugar by having balanced diet & different fruits. If you are using alternate sweeteners due to diabetes problem, then the ingridients of those sweeteners must be checked because those kind of sweeteners contain high quantity of sodium which be cause of high blood pressure.

Perfumes and body sprays are used for fragrance and to get rid from the smell of sweat. But on the other side, those sprays contain monohydric & polyhydric Phenol which are harmful for eyes and also can be cause of throat infection. So it is necessary to use them by care and to keep them out of reach of children. 


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