To Write or Not to Write: That is The Question!

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            I am a writer, or at least, I would like to believe that I am.  Some of my articles were published in local newspapers and magazines; most of my written works were delivered on stage by some hosts in some special events. Given that, I think, I have all the reasons to believe that I am a writer. Who has the right to say otherwise?  The concern is, if I am a writer, why can’t I seem to be able to write? I stare at my monitor for hours, waiting for inspiration, but to no avail.  If my computer were alive, it would have already yelled to prod me into writing something.  Call it writer’s block, frustration, insanity–whatever!  Beset with this predicament, I would have wanted to abandon writing my first article for Bukisa, but I told myself, certainly, even the most prolific of writers undergo this grueling experience.  My mind went berserk!  Half of my brain was nagging me to abandon the task, while the other half was urging me to move on; thus, the title of this article.

            Then again, I know I needed to write.  To purge that nagging feeling inside, to give it freedom and express it in words is more potent than the difficulty of having to scavenge for words and encapsulate elusive thoughts. Perhaps, my struggle in writing the first few words results from a subliminal need to immortalize words, like those on an epitaph. In retrospect, this should not be the case—one only has to be sensitive, feel the nudge within and give-in to the urge of the higher self seeking expression.  Then, the thoughts and the words will ensue.  No wonder, I am almost through writing this article!  

            If one day, you will be confronted with the same question, to write or not to write—WRITE!  Write, to fulfill the desire of your creative self seeking expression.  Write, when you know deep inside that you have something to share with the world.  Write, even if the words keep slipping away.  Just keep at it, like I did.  Pause for a while, smoke a cigarette or two (not recommended for non-smokers, by the way) and search deep within.  For all you know, when you do, you will not only find vowels and consonants, but hundreds and thousands of wonderful stories and valuable ideas you would want to share with others.  Yes, you too can call yourself a writer.  Who is to say otherwise?  Just WRITE!


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