Learn to Use Website Directories For a Major Traffic Boost

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Long before search engines made their appearance on the web, people used website directories to find websites that could provide the information that they were seeking online. Today, website directories are not used nearly as often to find sites and information, although they still get used by a group of old school web surfers. You can and will get no cost website traffic directly from website directories, but the biggest benefit is the one way inbound links that you can develop for your site giving you more SEO power and higher listing, also providing you with free traffic.

Many people have a hard time getting more website traffic with free web directories, so here are 3 Big Tips for Building Inbound Links and web site traffic with Free Directories. Use these tips to make use of this powerful advertising method with maximum effectiveness.

Find Quality Hubs- Just as you want to make priority use of high PR article directories, you want to seek out high PR link directories as well. The higher the PR, the higher value the link will add to your website.

Look for Sites with High Traffic Ranking- Many directories get huge amounts of traffic, which means that your links could get more visits. While link building is the primary reason for directory submissions, I have gotten thousands of hits a month in direct traffic from some of these sites.

Employ Keywords for Added Relevance- When you submit your link you will be asked for a title and a description. Using your sites primary keywords in your posting will help it get you more traffic, and because the title is generally used for the link itself, you will add power to the link. Anchor text also matters here, just as with article marketing to get more traffic.

Using link directories is a quick and easy way to get more inbound links, better search engine rankings, and of course tons of free traffic. Always be on the lookout for high quality free link directories, and also keep on the lookout for industry focused website hubs that can list your site for traffic and links.

The results from this web promotion method may not happen overnight, but I assure you that if you gradually and consistently work to build inbound link you will also notice a gradual and constant increase in search engine rankings and no cost targeted traffic.


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