Custom vs Hosted E-Commerce Solutions

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Ecommerce website development has experienced a big boom in the last few years. The reason can be attributed to the fact that people now prefer to make purchases online. It is far more convenient than going to a store and make the purchases. Among other ways, an e-commerce website can be created either with custom or hosted e-commerce solutions. Both these methods are quite different from one another. Discussed below are the different aspects which differentiate a custom ecommerce website from a hosted site.

Hosted e-commerce solution is usually the fastest and quickest way. If you go for a hosted e-commerce solution, you get a site pre-made by a software company. This means your site will start working within hours or a couple of days after you purchase the package. All the configurations are included in your package and are done by the hosted e-commerce service provider. This is usually less expensive. If you use a hosted e-commerce solution, you do not have to worry about website maintenance. Usually all the server maintenance is taken care of by the service provider and the charges are included in the package price. As they are pre-made, hosted ecommerce solutions are often stable and do not require error debugging.

However, in a way, these types of solutions are not entirely owned by the website owners. If you do not pay the monthly fee, you will lose the website and will have to look for another solution. It does not even provide the editing and customising features as the solutions are locked in the code. It can be considered for a basic e-commerce website but if you need to frequently update the content and features of your website, this solution may not prove very suitable. When it comes to search engine optimization, a hosted e-commerce solution is likely to fare poorer than a robust custom ecommerce solution.

Custom ecommerce development provides more flexibility in terms of features and customisation. A developer has full access to your e-commerce software code and can make required changes to the website. This helps in making your website work as per your wish. With the help of custom e-commerce solution, you can make your website look any way you want. You can display products according to your choice. This type of solution costs more as it includes a number of programming and designing hours. All this ensure that you get a perfect website just the way you wanted it to be.

A custom shopping cart solution helps to create a professional and user friendly website. It allows you to update your content. You can add features like zoom and checkout page.

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