Make Your Article Submission More Effective With These Strategies For Traffic

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I have learned dozens of web site traffic strategies over the years, yet article marketing remains at the top of my list. I use article hubs to gain traffic, links, and recognition. Here are 4 powerful web site traffic strategies using article submissions.

Great Content Goes Viral-Every article you submit will give you a couple of links simple by placing them in the author resource box, but there is the possibility for a single article to get you 10, 20, or even 100 additional links. Authors are not the only ones who use article directories, so do webmasters, bloggers, e-zine publishers, and other internet marketers who need good content. They can use the web content as long as they leave the authors links and resource box in tact. Writing high value, content rich articles that offer REAL INFORMATION can get picked up by other sites, not only giving you more SEO juice, but also more free traffic.

Make Profitable Use of Your Profile-Many people skip over their profile when setting up their free accounts, figuring that it won’t have an impact on their article marketing results, but it does. For starters, many of the top article sites highlight random author profiles on the homepage. Without a profile picture you are missing out on free exposure to your articles and links. Your profile is a great place to share a little about yourself, your top expertise, and your websites. You can usually link to one or more of your sites directly from your profile, giving you even more links and traffic.

Include Profitable Keywords and Phrases-Just as with your own content on your site or blog, you want to optimize your articles so they can get listed in search results, bring in highly targeted traffic, and therefore send more traffic to your links. Choose a profitable keyword and use it in the headline as well as throughout the article at about 2%. Because of the high PR that some article sites carry, articles that follow basic SEO rules can easily get listed and swarming with traffic. Use the free keyword tool mentioned prior to find keywords for traffic pulling articles.

The Headline Takes the Cake-Your headline plays two CRUCIAL roles in the success of your article marketing campaign. As we just discussed, you want to make use of key phrases in your headline for SEO purposes. You also want to take time to create a headline that grabs the attention of your target audience and inspires people to read your article. A unattractive headline will leave your article untouched, but a great one will get many people to visit your article. “How to” and “Tips,” and “Secrets” content usually get a positive response and swarming with traffic. Be sure to clearly state what value the reader can gain by spending a few moments to read your article. Show them that you have the info they need.


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