Tips For Maximizing Your Article Submission Efforts For A Major Traffic Boost

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As always, helping other by passing on your knowledge online comes with many benefits, so lets look at some tips for maximizing your article marketing efforts in terms of link building, site traffic development, and reputation building. Article marketing is an incredibly effective traffic building method that gets even more beneficial the more you use it and practice the method. These strategies will give you a quicker, more profitable start.

Choosing Quality PR Websites- PR stands for Google Page Rank, a system for ranking a websites visibility within Google. A higher PR website gets visited more often from the search engine spiders, so in pointing links from directories with higher PR will have a bigger impact on your search engine exposure. There are plenty of free article directories with PR 5 and PR 6. These offer the most value, but you will also find it worthwhile to submit to a number of PR 4 and PR 3 sites as well. Find the best article submission sites at Directory Critic.

Point to Your Best Webpages – Your most valuable pages, at least when it comes to search engine optimization and marketing, are your keyword and information rich webpages. Inbound links are only going to have a good impact on your traffic ranking if those links point to content rich pages using profitable keywords that you have carefully researched. You not only want to link to high value pages in the search engines eyes, but also pages that the direct visitors you receive will also find useful. Also, the linked to webpage should add value to you and your business. It should be able to convert into leads, sales, or profits from whatever profit systems you use.

Put Keywords in Anchor Text – Be sure to use anchor text in the links in your articles. Anchor text is when you embed your links within a word or phrase, giving your link the added value of relevance. You can use the main phrase of the web page you are linking to for your anchor text. For example, if the page you were linking to used the keyword “pet tricks,” that would be the perfect keyword for you anchor text.

Overall, these article submission techniques will give you an added advantage for using article submissions to boost your web site traffic level. Over time as you use this marketing techniques diligently, you will be able to create a river of traffic from many sources.


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