4 Ways an Average Joe Can Retire From Online

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Society is moving at a incredible pace and technology is speeding up every source and revenue of income. So there are plenty of online opportunities to make money but the key is to wipe all the crap that most “guru’s” tell you and find the truth for yourself.  It still remains the same as with other generations, the best lessons in life are learned through hands on experience.  Well I’m here to save some painful experience through my own trial and error. Offering you my opinions of methods of earning money online from my mistakes and mishaps. Also remember you’re looking for residual income which you keep making overtime, not a onetime lump sum, so here they are.

  1. Blogging:  Have you noticed that there are all these sites with blogging. They’re pretty profitable.  Why not find your niche and create a blog and write about what you love to do.  You will become a magnetic attraction because everyone will notice you’re genuinely giving helpful information. Being consistent and persevering will have you building your friends and social network.  Next you can now take your passion and get paid for it.  Let’s say you like playing music and you write about it. Your blog automatically is like a filter because your daily subscribers are your best customers because they already like what you have to offer, that with combining some of the other options included in this list and your possibilities are unlimited.  If you’re serious about making your dreams reality it’s possible. Check out Yaro Starak and his free e course. His passion and success alone is enough motivation to boost anybody blogging by enhancing them to live their dreams.
  2. Affiliate Programs:  This defiantly is on the rise and by the looks there’s no stopping in site. There are many of these programs from blog sites, social networks, all the way to web hosting sites.  Anything you do or purchase will soon have an affiliate program.  It’s a great opportunity because you get paid for what you already do, recommending products to others. A good example is if you were to read a very inspiring book and wanted to tell your friend about it. So you get them to check out a blog post you wrote and they read it, loved it, clicked your link and purchased it.  There you go that basically sums up the process for you.  For those of you who want a little bit more technicality you refer others to a product through back-links on your website or blog and get paid for each purchase.  A great site which offers allot of affiliate programs is Click bank. Take a look around the web next time you’re purchasing an item.  PayPal and Click bank are two main ecommerce programs that are used online.  Many never notice the affiliate aspect.
  3. Monetization: This one takes some work but the results are outstanding. Monetization is setting up a website or blog to simply bring in money automatic.  This is done by having a site with lots of great content and advice, some back-links leading to affiliate products, a few Google Ad sense spots on your site, and even some of your own products you sell personally through an ecommerce shopping cart. This is great and it usually only take 6 months to a year to complete max working on it part time.  There are gurus’ making millions so an Average Joe should easily be able to bring in a couple thousand a month. I could recommend some sites but I feel researching this subject yourself will give me more credibility so you know I’m looking out for your best interest. Trial and error leads to a burst of energy once you break through and I believe when you find some things out the hard way that’s good for you then obviously you keep doing it.  On the contrary if someone keeps offering you something for free you’re more than likely to question what motives are there, simply put its human nature.
  4. EBooks: If you’re an author or blogger that’s looking for a return on your investment then this is your chance.  Writing an EBook is easy and there’s not much investment besides your time.  After your book is complete get it turned into an EBook online and simply put, market it.  With the internet you will reach people you never could dream of by selling your book in a store with a low budget or having seminars and then offering your book.  Cut out the leg work and market it.  If you really want to go all out create a blog about your book topic, create an affiliate program for your book and monetize it.  Now you’re thinking like professionals. 

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