Memorising is Not That Bad

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Many people always consider memorizing to be something underhanded and they hold a 60% without memorizing to be far superior than a memorized 75%.To be honest i too thought the same way.

But then i realised during my engineering counselling that the knowledge you have in your mind are not even worth a penny.All that people acknowledge are the mere numbers in your marksheets. They dont give a damn to how good your intellect is.People dont even care if you have anything in your intellect.All they want and respect are the marks that you score and to be honest people who memorized were placed in better colleges.And that just made me think that the current educational system sucked.

But then i came into contact with a few of the memorizers and came to know that they have more stuff than i had limited myself to. The people on the top haven just mugged up but they have understood the concepts just as i did and have opted to express it the same way that the authors have expressed and that they have never left anything as unimportant as they were a bit scared of not able to do well whereas i was a bit arrogant to realise that i have only understood part of what was in my syllabus and have taken the rest too lightly.

This doesnt mean that i suggest muggin up but that memorising is not something thats bad.But simply mugging up without even knowing what it means is really bad and not memorising something that you have understood. So i have realised that there are more than one way to open a gate and to get a good future.

Choose your path for i have chosen mine and that is to follow my previous path with a little modifications with what i have learnt from those on top of me


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