Baby Nursery Rugs

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For the most part, you want the rug in your baby’s nursery to match what you are doing with the rest of the room. However, there are a few other things to think about when choosing, if the room in question does not already have a rug in place. For the most part,  baby nursery rugs are functional at first, but baby will spend some time on them in the future in ways that you or older people in your home would not. That is why you have to think about the one you want to buy or if perhaps you want to replace the one already in the room.

Babies have sensitive skin, as you know. The baby nursery rugs you choose are things that could possibly cause a huge skin irritation or rash. Some children break out in hives on certain types of rugs, as the fibers can irritate and even poke into the skin. This is rare, but it can happen to children with extremely sensitive skin. You only think about walking on the rug you are going to use, but your baby will lay on it, crawl on it, walk on it, and possibly even try to eat it. Babies explore with their mouths, so keep that in mind.

You want to find baby nursery rugs that are made of safe materials. These are materials that are not known to cause an allergic reaction and that will not give off toxic chemicals after they are installed. Some of the stain resistant rugs out there are great for being easy to clean, but do you know what they add to that rug to make it stain resistant? You are probably better off getting a rug that may stain and will have to be replaced eventually, but that will be nice to your baby’s sensitive skin.

Baby nursery rugs should also be soft to the touch. Berber carpet is nice in many rooms, but is not the best for babies that are learning to crawl and spend a lot of time on the floor. It can be harsh on their skin, even if the materials are rather safe. Go with something soft and plush. No matter what you finally choose, see if you can air the rug out before you have it installed. That allows any chemical smell to come out of the rug before you put it into the room. This is the same thing has painting early and allowing the room to air, and airing out the crib mattress before you let baby sleep on it.

If you are keeping the same carpet in your nursery for baby nursery rugs, you already have most of the hard work done, unless you want to replace it. For the most part, a good carpet cleaning is all that you need to do to refresh it and to ensure it is clean. For the sake of your baby’s sensitive skin, use a carpet cleaner that uses natural or green cleaning solutions. They can clean just as well as the chemical types of cleaners and you will feel better about putting baby down on the floor.


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