Heavyweight Gainer 900 Guarantees Massive Gains?

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We all know that there are many weight gainer powders out there, and to be honest a good amount of them work. Now this is where Heavyweight Gainer 900 comes into play, for there are many claims stating that this product hits it out of the park, compared to the other gainers on the market.

So here are some of the basic nutritional facts about this product:

  • Serving size: 4 scoops (159g)

  • Calories-630, 930 (with 2 cups of milk)

  • 101g Carbohydrates

  • 35g Protein

Also, Heavy weight Gainer 900 comes packed with essential multivitamins needed such as: vitamin A, B, C, and D. This product is also said be of great weight gaining assistance, since it allows you to get a packed amount of calories per serving.

Here’s what the makers of this product are saying:


If you’ve ever tried to eat 1000 or more extra calories to bulk up, you already know it can leave you feeling bloated, full and sluggish. But you also know that it’s additional calories that are going to put extra size and weight on your frame. If you need to get bigger or heavier or both, Heavyweight Gainer makes it simple to add those desperately needed extra calories to your diet without you having to walk around feeling like you just had Thanksgiving dinner all day long.


It seems that this product is strictly focused on helping people gain muscle weight and build muscle fast. Plus, Heavyweight Gainer includes Medium Chain Triglycerides (MCT’s) in their powder to improve muscle growth.

Here’s what the makers are saying about the MCT’s added in Heavyweight:

We use MCT’s for very important reasons. HEAVYWEIGHT’s MCT’s help ensure your don’t burn-up muscle glycogen during normal activities so you have more energy within your muscle for intense workouts and recuperation. All this makes HEAVYWEIGHT the most advanced Gainer ever developed.

Now to sum up this review, Heavy Weight Gainer seems to have some legitimacy towards the benefits it provides, but this does not guarantee that it will work wonders for you and help you build muscle fast.

However, here are some customer reviews I picked up from Supplementcritic and Bodybuilding ForYou:

Mitchell of Tennessee, USA


I ordered this product expecting a really great gainer however, the champion gainer 900 is extremely sweet. The gainer reccomend’s 4 scoops(1 serving) mixed with 16oz milk, well I mixed it with 32ozs and it was still way to sweet. It also mixed terribly with a shaker cup and requires a blender. I have tried MHP up your mass and it is much better, it has 1 g sugar per serving compared to champions 42. But if you like insanely sweet shake’s than go for it. Rating 3/5

08 Mar 2008 – john of New York, USA

take this ONLY if you are use to weight-gainers and you need more calories. because this stuff is powerful (calorie wise), it’ll have you blowin’ farts every 15 mins, ESPECIALLY if you’re a hard-gainer! besides that, it tastes great, and you could mix it with milk (so they didn’t add any extra sh*t to get you sick or anything). Rating 2/5


If this product stands out to you in any way, then it may just be give you a bang for your buck.

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