Hives Treatment – Relief From Allergies

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Hives is called in medical term as Utricaria. It is a skin allergy reaction and appears as red or pale welts on the skin. This Hives are basically appeared on the various parts of the body in the form of clusters. The sizes and shapes of this cluster changes and they are mostly occurred on the arms, legs back and on the torso. The symptoms of the hives if diagnosed are it causes due to the severe allergic reaction. They form in big raised patches and are itchy for more than 2-3 days. In hives treatment it can be treated by various methods including home remedies, natural treatment, herbal treatment, homeopathic treatment or even in holistic treatment. Those who are allergic to certain food they should strictly avoid it. These hives are been attacked to babies, kids and also to adults. This causes due to some disorder in the immune system. This hives are been attacked by your own pet or may be by pollen, insects and latex. The food which are found common while diagnosed to hives are including eggs, shellfish, peanuts, chocolates or milk.

• The most important for the hives treatment is to checkout the factor from which it has been triggered, once you come to know then it becomes a very easy battle to fight against hives.

• One can use a cool compression which helps a lot not to cure but to give a relief from the pain and itchiness.

• Applying calamine lotion is the best treatment to get rid from the itchiness of hives.

• To make the affected area cool and to get relief from the itchiness, dabbing of milk of magnesia works as a best lotion.

• Another natural hives treatment are, gently apply or rub the aloe Vera gel or vitamin E oil on the affected area for at least twice a day or as per the comfort.

• The tea is the most beneficial part played in this treatment. Drinking herbal tea, peppermint or passion flower tea gives a lot improvement in hives.

Rosacea is another skin problem which is almost like acne. The symptoms in this case includes red and pink patches, tiny broken blood vessels which are visible, there are small red bumps or red cysts on forehead, nose or may be on chin. Most of the people who are diagnosed to it are not aware that they are suffering from rosacea. It is a long term disease which is non curable. In this case some may also feel irritation in their eyes. Rosacea is non contiguous or infectious. It cannot be spread through skin, by inhalation or even sharing a used towel, since it is a very difficult disease to control. There are various methods on Rosacea treatment; one can treat by natural or by herbal. Many of them suggest to do laser treatment if they are diagnosed to severe rosacea. Following are the home remedies for rosacea treatments:

• One can use a tomato paste and rub it gently on the affected area and finally mask it for 25-30 minutes.

• Using yoghurt or an oatmeal with one teaspoon added to it helps a lot to reduce the roscea.

• Tea, coffee and hot water should be avoided; it causes more risk and doesn’t suit the skin in this case.

• Apple cider vinegar is known as the best remedy to get rid from the rosacea.

• Use cold water or Luke warm water to wash your face or bath.

• As per the doctors prescription one can use the recommended cream or lotions, tablets available in the stores.


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