List Building

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List building is one of the easiest, most profitable ways of email marketing. The goal of list building is to attract a large amount of people and get them to join your list. Once on your list you then advertise to them.

The more people on your list, the more people you can advertise to and the more revenue you can make. There is some legitimate money to be made in list building. If you have a decent budget you could look into Opt-in list building. That’s where you pay to join into a group of other lists (or merge your list into the group), almost like a coalition of lists all combined with the members splitting the profits. Building your own mega-list from the ground up is considerably more work, but it is more than achievable.

One of the best ways to build a massive list is to offer something for free in exchange for them joining the list. Something that seems like a good deal but in reality is something that costs you nothing. Something like a free subscription to your “list building” email newsletter. You do not want to begin pitching the people on your list right away. To come on so strong is a sure fire way to lose any trust. Spend a few months sending them interesting emails once or twice a week having to due with their interests or your specific niche. These can be articles you have written, spun, gotten from similar newsletters, etc, as long as it is decent information. After a few months you should have gained significant trust with them. You can then proceed to slowly integrate related products into your weekly newsletter. Make the offers/discounts seem as if they are prizes for them being on the list. They win the ability to buy what you are selling. Keep in mind that for some people no amount of time will remove their skepticism. This is a numbers game; the bigger the list, the more potential buyers.


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