Key Dimensions of Songwriting

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A songwriting contest is a contest that allows musicians to submit original music, generally to win a prize or some other benefit. The songwriting contest differs from singing competitions because the latter do not require that the music submitted or performed be original. Nowadays, there are online platforms that allow participants to submit songs at the click of a mouse. Winners receive money prizes and sometimes recording contracts. The songwriting contests are often conducted more than once in a year, offering life time opportunity to amateur and professional songwriters. Entrants are able to participate and submit songs in different categories.

Your primary skill as a songwriter is to pick the right notes and right chords to go with the right words and right song title and write them into a song. While writing a song, you need to focus on the following:

The end listener for whom you are writing the song: How to become a songwriter for the end listener is the key question.

Key skills to become a songwriter: As a songwriter you need to know how to write lyrics, melody, chords and your song as a lead sheet. To put it in another way, you need to have expertise in four dimensions as a songwriter – lyric writer, melody writer, chord writer and lead sheet writer.

As a songwriter, you must be able to tell a story rather than just throw words or rhymes together. The second step as a melody writer is to choose the best notes. The two main melodic skills that you need to focus on are the concepts of contour and span. Contour means melodic direction whereas span is about writing a song for the common people. Once you have selected the notes and words for the song, you need to focus on scales, chords and chord progressions. Rhythm is yet another aspect that is the most important aspect of songwriting contest.

As a songwriter, these are the skills that allow you to pick the right notes and right chords to go with your words and song title.


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