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One of the biggest complaints from women regarding adult sex toys is that they don’t see them as realistic options for pleasuring themselves. Taking it a bit further, you will hear complaints from them regarding the unrealistic expectations that using these toys can set. They say that if they would use sex toys such as a giant dildo, they may suddenly feel that their real partners are inadequate when it comes to doing the actual thing.

To be honest about it, this could truly be a valid concern regarding adult sex toys. After all, a regular penis would definitely be unable to compare to the size and girth of a giant dildo. To be able to solve this dilemma regarding these toys, here are a couple of things that you can do:

Get a realistic dildo

Instead of purchasing the giant dildo type of adult sex toys, it may be better for you to temper your expectations by purchasing a realistic dildo instead.  A realistic dildo would approximate the size and shape of a real penis (perhaps with a bit of extra size or width); this means that you would not have any problems adjusting to things when it comes to using adult sex toys and the real thing.

Learn to compartmentalize

Another option would be to learn how to compartmentalize. Understand that you would have time for the giant dildo and all other weird and wacky variants of adult sex toys, while also learning that there is please to be had when it comes to more realistic sex with an actual partner.

This is done by setting your expectations according to what you are currently using. This would enable you to enjoy both sessions and not feel too reliant on the realism or the wildness of either type of sexual experience.


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