Control Excess Barking Of Your Pet Dog

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It is quite natural for a dog to bark,but when it gets continuous,it can be quite irritating.It is not only an irritaion for the family but also the neighbors and for students it can be a nightmare when they have thier exams. Dogs are known to bark for three main reasons.They are anger,excitement and anxiety.Here are some measures you can take to control the barking.

1.Try to identify the cause of his barking.

2.Allow your dog to exercise everyday.

3.Put your dog in new situations and make him to meet new people.This method may not be easy for dogs with aggressive behavior.

4.Train your dog with utmost responsibility.Never be too lenient or too strict with the dog.

5.Once you have identified the cause of his barking,give him the command “Jackie Speak” when he is just about to bark.Praise him for obeying and give him something nice to eat.If he barks again,just ignore him.Repeat the process till he has mastered the speak command.After some time, use the same technique in reverse to teach him the quiet command.

6.If your dog tends to bark in your absence, use the “creep and peep” technique.Leave your home and try to enter from another route without him noticing.Wait patiently till he stops barking and then run up to him immediately.Praise him and give him something to eat.

7.The most important measure is to not neglect the barking and resort to find an immediate solution.If you unnecessarily start delaying the process,then trying to keep the dog quiet will be much more harder.Be persistent with your methods and do not lose hope.


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