Meet Dean Winters: The Man Behind The Mayhem in The Allstate Commercials

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Recently, the insurance company Allstate has tried to retain or reclaim its customers by showing them what could happen if they choose their coverage unwisely. Meet Dean Winters, the man behind the mayhem.

Dean Winters – A Brief Biography

American-born actor, Dean Winters was born July 20th, 1964. He got into acting when his younger brother Scott (also an actor) suggested he “do something with his life”. One of his first appearances was in the TV show, “Homicide: Life On The Street”. He is best known for his role Ryan O’Reily in the hit show, “Oz” which ran from 1997-2003. From 2004-2009, fans got to know him as cop Johnny Gavin, younger brother to lead Denis Leary’s character Tommy on “Rescue Me”. Recently he’s played opposite Tina Fey on NBC’s award-winning series “30 Rock”. He also recurs as Sarah Connor’s former love interest in “Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles”.

Dean Winters – Allstate’s Mayhem

His latest gig is the edgy, slightly off-balance ‘mayhem’ in which he plays a random windstorm who drops suddenly complete with branch on a new car, a ticked-off executive who gets his jollies suing young drivers and a teenage girl who gets a text message from her BFF and is “all OMG” about her kissing the guy she likes. The commercials are two parts humor and two parts scare tactic, an odd combination that seems to work.

Dean Winters – A Near Death Experience

Before playing the cause of accidents, Dean Winters went through a near-death experience he’s only recently begun to talk about publicly. In June of 2009, Dean fell ill with a bacterial infection. He collapsed during a consultation with his doctor and his heart stopped beating for 2-1/2 minutes while riding to the hospital in an ambulance. Dean spent three weeks in an intensive care until before he was well enough to be released. His health unfortunately took a turn for the worse one month later. He developed gangrene and had to have one thumb and two toes amputated. He’s since has surgery to rebuild his right hand and his health is much improved.

There you have it, the man behind the mayhem in the Allstate commercials. Are you in good hands?  


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