Home Safety Tips For Families

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As a parent, you want all the best for your child, from the best opportunities to the safest environment in your home. You babyproofed his nursery and never let him cross the street without holding your hand. What you may not have done is think about the day-to-day environment in your home. How safe is child when he is home? There are a surprising number of unique dangers to children in a house. Be aware of them, and you may prevent your child being injured or worse.

Foods are tricky when it comes to kids. Experts agree that you should never give a child under the age of 1 honey or any food containing honey. Honey can contain small amounts of botulism spores, in numbers which are totally safe for children and adults to consume. Infants, on the other hand, can contract infant botulism from as little as the amount of honey used to sweeten a pacifier. Infant botulism can be fatal, and in some cases can cause death within minutes in susceptible infants. Keep the honey away from your baby, and find out all ingredients of foods before you give them to her.

All good parents keep knives and other sharp objects away from small children, but there is a very sharp metal object that you may have sitting out in your home every day without even realizing it. It’s a soda or beer can. When a can is opened, the opening is formed from sharp metal edges. Small children with curious fingers often try to get their hands inside a can to find out what’s inside. The results can range from small cuts to fingers in serious need of stitches. Keep all beverage cans out of reach of children and lock recycling bins so children can’t investigate their contents.

Many parents feel the need to keep a handgun in the house for home protection. While it’s understandable to want your gun within easy reach in the middle of the night, keeping a handgun hidden in a dresser drawer or nightstand is a recipe for disaster. Many children die each year from simply playing with guns they found while searching in their parents’ bedroom. Keep your handguns in a safe, and always lock the door. For the safest protection, as well as the easiest access, use a biometric safe that opens with the touch of your fingerprint. These safes, like the Barska biometric safe, will never allow children access to the contents, but you can get to your weapon within three seconds if you need it. Be safe, but keep your children safe as well.


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