Amazing Brushwork Techniques

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If you wish to be a successful painter, it is imperative to familiarise yourself with different brushwork techniques. Brushwork would play an important role if you were to create expressionistic, abstract or realistic works. As far as realistic oil paintings are concerned, the textual quality of the brushwork would separate a good painting from a picture. Brushwork is of utmost importance when it comes to creating abstract works, since it adds to the expressiveness of the painting.

“Impasto” is one of the important brushwork arts in oil paintings. According to this technique, the darker regions in the painting are painted with thin dark colours whereas the lighter hues are painted with thicker coats. This would prevent the light from bouncing off the dry brush strokes and would also distort the darker areas of the paint. Generally, a majority of courses in brushwork would start off with teaching people how to hold the brush, so as to create different kinds of strokes with it. If you were to hold the brush in an unorthodox manner, it would majorly slow you down and may perhaps distort the overall look of the image. These days, the brushes are available in different shapes and sizes, which could be used for all types of artistic effects. There are limitless opportunities to learn when it comes to different kinds of brushwork techniques.

There are two basic kinds of brushstrokes that you need to acquaint yourself with. There are control brushstrokes as well as freehand brushstrokes. Control brushstrokes involve the traditional methods of manipulating the brush, so as to create specific effects in your painting. Freehand brushstrokes are quite different and would help you create amazing effects without much effort. Freehand brushstrokes would help you create puffy clouds or wavy tree branches. While creating your oil painting, you must create beautiful textures on the surface. When you add glazes on your thick brushstrokes, it would help you keep it intact and stiff. Brush strokes would help you create a certain ambience in the background, which would enhance the subject in the foreground. Hence, would add a charm to your painting, more so in case if you have a lot of sky, fields or sea in the painting. According to the experts, effective brushwork would help you create exotic effects on the canvas with very little effort. Eventually, you must always have a plan while applying brushstrokes, instead of doing them randomly.


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