Weather Talk

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“That wind sure has a nip today

but sun’s nice where the wind don’t blow,”

he said to me and I agreed

and said I hoped it wouldn’t snow

again as we shoveled snow up to our knees

through drifts about three feet or so

to make a path down to the road.

I said I’d heard we’d get more snow

by afternoon, sometime tonight,

probably just a dusting though

and said we had enough I thought

and hoped the predictions were not so. 

He said he guessed they might be right,

‘twas cold, he said but not too cold

to snow, looked up, then said 

he thought the storm might hold;

until tomorrow or the next, 

when the wind decides to change,

feels more, he said, like freezing rain.

He doubted it would snow again,

he said, ‘least for a day or two,

tugging his cap down ‘round his ears

against the bitter wind that blew.

I grimaced at the thought of it.

I don’t like freezing rain at all,

not even a little bit;

but in January in the Northeast

nature can throw a hissy-fit

and who knows if rain or snow will fall…

the weather is anybody’s call

There’s rain and sleet and hail and snow

and vicious winds that often blow

when temps drop twenty or more below

and oh how quickly it can fall;

but it is winter after all

and the weather is anybody’s call…

And we continued our weather talk

as we shoveled through drifts

to find the walk

somewhere beneath the mounds of snow.

It sure is pretty 

but it’s danged cold.


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