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Big TV Show Ideas: I am walking my talk.

Mon, March 2, 2009 12:19:45 PM


Sophialaurenea Destine  


Talk Show Host

Dear Ms. Banks,

Well! Let’s see. I got my food stamps. I didn’t get my funds. I have an audition today. I spoke to my case worker. She said it will be in today. Just in case I gave an apology email if I don’t show up. I am not even angry. Yet this morning, I got grope by an ugly disgusting, sorry excuse for a man. Embarrassingly, I froze.  Thoughts ran through my skull. I couldn’t let Cathy see me at my worst.

Especially, late at night: One homelessness female on drugs expired. My friend Sherry attempted CPR. It was devastating to everyone. Cathy called her daughter Gabriele to say that she loved her. Cathy told me that she couldn’t get the death look out of her mind. She didn’t ever want her kid to see her like that. I guess it affected me too.

I went roller blade-ing in the rain. Since I didn’t want to cause an accident; I returned to the shelter reluctantly. So, when that sick bastard put his hips on me from behind. I wanted to kill him because of all the false accusations, stereotypes, and people robbing from me: Plus witnessing what I witness at four years old. I only pushed him off of me. I called him a (it rhymes with truck, then a_ _whole) because no authentic man needs to take anything from a women. If he is really-polite-positive-compassionate-honesty-respectful; any intelligent women/ladies would be interested… So, readers—the readers: I wanted to go back and look for his (rhymes with trucking a_ _).

After several minutes; the Lord told me to let him handle it. My reply was alright but if he comes back at me again: I am going to react like I am fighting for my life. I will fight him. No doubt, he will fight me. Either way, hospital or morgue: I will not let any man touch my body without my permission/ consent. I am fed up of society defecating on me. So, I am here at One Stop. Picking information on a Amber Alert case: Her name is Francis Ann Collins.

I know no one cares. Not the FBI, Sheriff’, Police departments don’t see me. My color of my skin irritated them. I don’t care. I am living for God not the authorities. I am human yet flawed. If my own environment can’t-will give me credit for being positive: Jesus sees me. My Savior knows my heart and soul. In my next email, I will give you information on Francis Ann Collins. The information I am about to give is solely for my third book and show my validity to District Attorney John Philpot. I will not converse with any other authority personnel.

 THEY DON’T TRUST ME AND NOW—I REALLY DON’T TRUST THEM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! My homelessness and unemployment is first priority! As always I never ask for any award. I just want to do my civil duty. My environment restricts me, binds me and control some of my actions. Another positive action, I call Sonia my would be counselor. I inquired about free self defensive classes. Again no gun, knife, bomb I used to injury anyone. I will not lie to you. I see that sorry accuse of human being; and he comes after me. I will defend myself regardless of the law being against me.

It is not Justice. It is only JUST US! I am not prejudice: Just us means affluent people with good lawyers, politicians, famous people, the truth is the truth-USA has two different manners on handling Justice. And yes, I said it!



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