Obscure Pregnancy Facts That Your Doctor May Not Tell You About

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It’s just a fact about being human – people have an insatiable appetite for information on pregnancy. No matter where you turn, there are sources of information aimed at this area of enduring human interest – TV shows, dozens of Internet websites, books, pamphlets, and seminars too, if all this disembodied information doesn’t do it for you. But you know what – armed with all of this and more, there still are areas that haven’t been adequately explored, and there are spots in the pregnancy experience that can take any parent by surprise. Some of these will be a pleasant surprise, and some of them could get you in trouble with your boss. If your doctor doesn’t tell you about these pregnancy facts, it could be because most expecting mothers don’t necessarily experience them. But if you happen to be one of the lucky few, this list of obscure pregnancy facts is where you turn.

Have you ever looked at a couple of happy chirping birds building a nest or a chicken heaping straw together – and wondered at how nature could give happy birds the instinct to prepare so thoroughly for their little chicks? You don’t have to worry about being left out – would you be surprised to know that you as an expectant mother are no different? It doesn’t happen to every woman – just some; but as the final couple of weeks happen to draw close, expectant mothers will often find an inescapable urge to prepare and clean their homes. You’ll find yourself folding, scrubbing, drying and stacking. You don’t have to worry about it – it’s just the nesting urge. And if it shows up in you, have fun with it while it lasts. When else in life can you expect that you’ll really enjoy cleaning and organizing your home – or feeling a real kinship to little birds?

Among the pregnancy facts we will be bringing up here, there’s one that could get you into a spot of trouble at the office. Women who battle morning sickness and a fuzzy mind have a tough enough time dealing with their lives without thinking about a deadline at work; but even the lucky ones among us who don’t experience these can begin to uncharacteristically completely forget things, or lapse into daydreaming. It could be pleasant enough, if you didn’t have irritable coworkers to deal with. And it can happen at home too when you forget to lock the front door, or to turn off the stove. That’s why expectant mothers have such protected lives.

The kind of things we will be talking about next will make you wonder if it’s really all worth it. If some women, the body can react to a pregnancy with outbreaks of varicose veins. This is what happens with the hormones that course through your system when you’re pregnant They dilate your veins all over and cause blood to stagnate in the veins in your legs. You probably see the back of this problem the moment you give birth, but until then, bulging veins, and occasionally hemorrhoids too can be quite disturbing. Make sure that you don’t stand for extended periods of time. You can also use a hemorrhoids cream and of course, drink plenty of fluids to keep your digestive system on track.

The act of giving birth isn’t for anyone with a weak stomach. It is truly a messy situation that you have in the labor room – there is the water breaking and all the blood and sliminess involved of course, but you  can also expect flatulence, peeing, or losing control of your bowels right there in your labor bed – in addition to the other embarrassing stuff seeping out of you. Some women tend to get nauseated by it all. It just goes to show you how thin the veneer of self-control is that we all carry ourselves around with. There is a reward for being brave enough about all of it. It’ll be the baby in your arms. Of all the pregnancy facts that you’ll ever come across this is the one inescapably sweet one.


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