Will Pay Per Click Advertising be Successful on Bukisa?

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As most of you already know, Bukisa has implemented Google Adsense and Chitika into their system to replace theBukisa index.  Unlike the Bukisa index, which paid per view, both Chitika and Adsense will pay per click.  How will it work out?

I used to get a steady stream of traffic with the Bukisa index, and earn a reasonable amount of money.  Not very much really – I make most of my money off Factoidz, then some of Triond and some off Bukisa.  However since I implemented Chitika about a week ago I’ve made nothing.

A lot of Bukisa users that have switched to Chitika for their revenue source will see a dramatic change in their earnings – the reason being you don’t get paid for views.  You get paid for clicks.  So if 100 people view an article of yours and none click on an ad, you will make no money at all.  However if 100 people view an article of yours and all of them click on an ad you’ll make a TON of money!

That system is pretty fair – Lots of trusted advertisers use it, including Google Adsense.  However many of the ads on Chitika are downright trashy…  Personally I’ve never wanted to click on any of the Chitika ads I’ve seen on my Bukisaarticles so far.  And if the author has no desire to click on the ads on their articles, why the hell should anyone else?  Before the PPC system was around I didn’t really care what ads were being displayed on my articles and if anyone would want to click them – I got paid per view, so why would I care?

If you are relying on visitors to click on unrelated ads, then its not going to go down well.  And thats exactly what’ll happen with Chitika unless it drastically sharpens up it’s ad targeting.  However the problem is:  Chitika is quite a small company with limited customers.  This means there isn’t a wide variety of ads available and chances are, there won’t always be ads in circulation that are related to your content…


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