The Best Ways to Save Money While Living in Cincinnati, Ohio

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Lower the cost of living in Cincinnati. Food.

Cooking is still cheaper than eating out. Restaurants in Cincinnati are expensive. Buy a $10.00 crock pot and if you are feeding one or two, each meal you fix in it will give you a good dinner and leftovers to make a second and sometimes third meal from.

Shop at discount stores, like Save a lot and Aldi’s, both of which have locations throughout the city and do not forget the local markets that flourish here on the weekends. Bread stores are also a great value. A loaf of butternut bread in Cincinnati is nearly $2.00. At a butternut bread store, you can get 4 loaves for the same price. Cincinnati living requires being thrifty.

Lower the cost of living in Cincinnati. Transportation.

The Cincinnati Metro service is one of the best ways to save money while living in Cincinnati, OH. The geography here is hills with a few valleys and they take a toll on a car and eat up more gas than you might expect. By a bus pass and ride all month long for under $30.00. Worried about getting to where you need to go? The Metro goes to every town and neighborhood in Southwest Ohio and many in Kentucky and Indiana.

Avoid taking taxi’s, limo’s, and other self employed transportation services. Besides the high prices, many of these drivers have passed no recent criminal check. The bus may not be more convenient but it is cheaper.

Bicycling has become more popular in Cincinnati over recent years and often, roads have a paved lane just for bikes. Great exercise, needs no fuel, and very little maintenance.

Lower the cost of living in Cincinnati. Clothes.

Thrift stores are the way to go. Discount racks at the bigger places are also good ways to get a deal. For those on a budget, layaway plans are available in most stores in Cincinnati.

Make your own. Buying the material to make a dress or shirt is much cheaper than buying it full price. If you are proficient with a needle, the clerks in these stores will spend hour if needed, gathering the items you need.

These are some of the best ways to save money while living in Cincinnati, OH. Others include using coupons, avoiding impulse buys, putting 10% of your income every month into a savings account, and recycling items instead of throwing away and buying new. By this, I mean things like aluminum foil, empty milk jugs, and butter bowls. Each of these things can be reused to fill another need and that saves money. Aluminum foil can be washed, empty jugs are perfect for kool aid and making iced tea, which is always cheaper than buying it already made, and butter bowls can be used for eating and storage, including putting those crock pot leftovers in the freezer. There is also the idea of sharing an apartment with a few other people to lower renting bills.

Now you know how to lower the cost of living in Cincinnati. 


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