Earning Money Online – Some Information on Starting Out!

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Don’t pin all your hopes on one site/company, even if you are making good money from them. For all you know they could kick you out, go out of business or completely change their system so its useless to you! It happened to me when Bukisa completely changed their revenue system so I couldn’t earn from them anymore. You need to be able to switch between sites fast!

If you look up “How to make money” on Google, one of the first suggestions will be “How to make money on theinternet”. These days so many people want to jump onto the internet with no experience at all and expect to make a living. Then they give up a while later because they haven’t even made a dollar… 90% of people who try to make money on the internet give up before they make their first dollar. This is because it will take months (if not years) before you get to grips with everything and start to generate a stream of passive income.

Whatever you do, do NOT resort to clicking on adverts to make $0.2 cents a day! Yes, it requires no expertise, but it is the lowest form of revenue that you can possibly sink to!

Here is a list of the best legitimate writing sites:






It is possible to generate a decent passive income via the websites above. Factoidz is the website that this article is published on, and pays pretty good. Bukisa and Triond pay alright, and Squidoo and Helium have special revenue systems. Give em’ a try!

Here is a list of sites to avoid:





These are paid to click scam sites. They say they pay you to click ads (which is very pathetic anyway) but most are scams. Even if they aren’t scams, you don’t want to be clicking ads all day for several cents. Paid survey sites are the same as pay to click sites: Either scams or aren’t worth your time.

PayPal is the common standard for getting paid on the internet. PayPal accounts are easy and free to create, and it is possible to either purchase items with your PayPal account or transfer money from it to bank accounts. Google Adsense is the second most popular revenue/payment method and pays via check to most first world countries. Some websites also offer to pay via check or western union.

Most companies/sites that you can earn revenue through pay monthly unless you fail to meet the payout minimum. If your getting paid via PayPal the payout minimum is at least $1, while it is generally $50 for claques. Here is a list of the payout minimums for some popular writing sites:

Triond – $1.50 ($50 for claques)

Factoidz – $1 ($50 for claques)

Bukisa – $10 ($50 for claques)

Squidoo – $10

Google Adsense (used on Triond & Bukisa): $100

Chitika (used on Bukisa): $10

If you do not meet the payout minimum by the end of the month the earnings roll over to the next month. So for example if the payout minimum is $10 and you earn $5 a month, you’ll get paid $10 every second month.

Some writing sites allow you to republish your content that is already on other websites. These websites include, but are not limited to:






If you re-publish content at these sites the content will not earn as much money as if it was original, but it will still boost your income if you republish many articles on many sites.


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