The Mac App Store – Will It be Successful?

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Firstly, the Mac app store application opens very fast.  Apple has done a great job of making it lightweight and coded properly.  However after initial startup the application must draw the data from the internet, so you have to wait for 5-10 seconds for all the apps to appear.  Thats fair enough, and as I’m in New Zealand the internet isn’t the fastest.

One of the first things I noticed when browsing the apps is the fact that I already own most of the good ones.  Plus the applications I downloaded for free off the developer’s websites are being sold for $10+ on the app store!  Personally I’d rather hunt around on Google for a few extra minutes and get the application for free from the dev’s website or places like MacUpdate than spend ten bucks at the app store.  Wouldn’t you?

People are saying that the app store will put websites like MacUpdate out of business, however I disagree.  MacUpdateoffers a lot of apps for free that the app store charges for, and they host a lot more content.  Apple probably only puts the best of the best on the app store, however other internet sites aren’t scared to put slightly dodgy or in-the-making apps online.  

Apple takes quite a large cut from the apps sold in the app store.  Its something like 30% I believe.  So its quite likely that developers would increase the price of their apps hosted on the app store by 30% to recoup their losses.  However they may not be in control of the price – it could be up to Apple to stick a price tag on each app?

The second thing I’ve noticed is that there aren’t very many apps in each category.  Can’t blame them for that though, as the app store is very new.  However Apple was encouraging developers to submit their apps for ages before the app store was released…  Maybe Apple only picked the very best, who knows?

The main flaw with the app store is the fact that there are other options.  In the iOS world, Apple has a massive monopoly.  The app store is pretty much the only choice.  However on the OSX platform Apple has to directly compete with sites like MacUpdate.  Its not an automatic WIN like they are used to…


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