Wooden Crates

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Wooden shipping crates are the main method of import containment between countries, providing security for some of the worlds most popular products and wooden milk crates have all sorts of uses, like footstools, shelving, and storage bins for under beds and counters. 

Wooden Shipping Crates

Wooden shipping crates come in many forms, from new and used, to square or flat but originate mostly from imported cargo. Once the ship is unloaded, the crates are heated to decontaminate them, and then they are put into a use at the port they came into. From there, they make their way to businesses and consumers alike and are then reused for a wide variety of purposes. Wooden crates are commonly taken apart and used to build things by people who have picked them up from local companies that make them available or donate what they do not need. Uses for the larger crates include dog houses, desks, chairs, holiday display stands and props, storage, remodeling, and security. Those along the coast often use wooden crates to cover their Windows when preparing for a Hurricane or tropical storm. 

Wooden Milk Crates

Wooden milk crates can also be found in new or reused form and different shapes and sizes. New crates are manufactured for sale, while reused crates come mostly from dairy farms, wineries, and shipping yards. Once their product is unloaded, the crates are heated and then either reused or disposed of to the public, usually for free. Some even donate them to local shelters and rescue organizations to help provide shelter for their dogs and smaller animals. Milk crates are also very helpful around the home. They can be used for storage and cubby areas that will not hold larger boxes, stools, arts and crafts projects, file cabinets, book cases and much more. They are perfect for tight fits and reducing clutter, and are remarkably well priced for all the things that can be done with them. A popular type of wooden milk crates are the slatted kind, which make great window garden boxes.


 Wooden shipping crates and wooden milk crates have been in use by consumers and businesses alike for a very long time. Each one sees many different owners and uses, and has a very high recycle rate. They are sturdy, easy to stack, and can be bought at a large number of places, including online and locally. Looking for the perfect storage or shipping containers? Wooden crates are the way to go, not matter what you need them for. There are a number of companies now specializing in wooden shipping crates, making it simple to find what you are looking for. A very popular site for wooden crates is Woodthings.com. They have a stunning showroom to browse and they take custom orders to craft beautiful storage containers for your garden, wine cellar, and shipping needs.


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