A Case of Wrong Identify

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A Case of Wrong Identify

By Joseph Parish

I recently concluded a course of study on the basic security procedures necessary for our shipping port of entries. During the continuance of this 8 hour course it was stated over and over about the value of checking for proper identification. This is all well and good if we did not have the modern technology which we possess today. This technology has the capability of creating such perfect specimens of fake identification papers that it is difficult to distinguish them from the real documents. This tends to create a very real problem for our society as a whole.

You may be questioning how this maritime issue can possibly affect you and I as survivalists. The point is that we too can be completely taken in by someone using fake identification. That leaves us with one alternative; we must devise a system of detecting these bogus documents.

Fake ID’s used today have become more and more difficult to detect thanks in part to our advances in computer technology. A person can easily get online these days and obtain a realistic looking state driver’s license or some other vital form of identification with little cost. To discover if the documents presented to you are fake, forged or bogus in any way you can try the follow steps which I will be presenting below.

When the person initially presents you with a form of identification watch that person carefully for any signs of nervousness. Observe any uneasy body language reactions such as their eyes moving in various directions or a state of continual fidgeting. These are often the initial signs that the persons ID’s may be fake.

Secondly, make sure to actually look and compare the picture of the person to the individual standing before you. Look at the actual facial features since it is likely that clothing and their hair styles may often change over a period of time. Make a note of the height and weight information as this as usually this data does not change drastically.

Inspect the cards or documents carefully and look for any signs that it may have been tampered with. Fuzzy looking numbers or letters are a sure give away. The key information which is often tampered with includes the birth date, the person’s height or weight and their picture. An important check to keep in mind is that after the lamination has been put in place again, many of the numbers or the various state seals may not line up properly. Look for any rough edges that might appear along the border of the picture.

A document such as a license that has a expired date field or states on it that it is a duplicate often is characteristic of a person using another’s license. The original holder may have obtained a new one and this individual somehow obtained the expired one. This same thing applies to passports. If the date issued is recent and there is a drastic difference is appearance you should be cautious.

Know what the ID’s and drivers licenses look like in your area. Match them up with the one being presented to you. There are books which you can purchase which lists all state issued drivers license and key points to watch out for. Some license numbers are coded with other pertinent information as a precautionary check for law enforcement personnel. Learn what these codes are.

When in doubt ask the person for a second means of identification. If still not sure go for a third. If someone has illegally obtained one ID card chances are they may not have a second or third with the same name listed on it.

Several little hints can often be found out by the means of a simple conversation. Ask the presenter when they graduated from high school. Talk to the person, and insert key questions which are not usually thought of when someone changes the dates on a license. Ask for the person’s zodiac sign (a hint of the month of birth) or high school graduation year (used to calculate year of birth). Ask them what their middle initial stands for. Make note of their reactions, there should not be any hesitation eminent from the person.

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