How to Launch a Blog Tour

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Much like a band, a blog tour is a series of public appearances that show up on and are linked to, multiple blogging sites. The average Blog Tour lasts 1-3 months, featuring at least two stops each week, with various other posts on your own blog and the top social sites.

Tip: The top 5 sites for this venture are:






That is not to say there aren’t other terrific sites. These just happen to be very highly ranked by Alexa and will send more search engine traffic your way.

How to launch a Blog Tour.

First. Lay out your plan. Start with answering these questions:

A- What is your reason for learning how to launch a blog tour? Making money? friends? Fans? Fame & glory?

B.- What resources do you have, namely other blogs that will host a stop on the tour.

c.-What type of tour do you want, such as only interviews with set questions or just a rambling post? Do you want to provide excerpts too?(Recommended.) Then you’ll need buy links to place at the end of each post, so that those who read these excerpts will be able to buy the book without having to search for it on their own. Statistics have proven that if you make it easier to purchase, sales will go up.

Next. Gather all the above things that you can, namely the other blog stops. If you have enough of them or can get them in time, then lay out a 7-12 week schedule,(Can be shorter or longer) that features you at two blogs a week, with an added 2 posts on your own blog a week. Then add in social site posts two days a week. Your schedule would look something like this for one week:

Monday- Post on my blog with excerpt and buy links with contest

Tuesday-Post on guest blog(Blog name here) with just an interview

Wednesday-Post on top 5 social sites, reminding them of Monday’s post and contest

Thursday-Posts on my blog-rambling with buy links and cover photos

Friday-Open excerpt day guest appearance on blog(Blogs name) and contest

Saturday-Posts on top 5 social sites, reminding them about Friday’s post and contest

Sunday-post of reviews, contest results, awards, recognition, or just take the day off,(Not recommended. A tour that covers all seven days has double the chance of having successful sales.)

What’s next in learning how to launch a blog tour? Times. 

When you post maters. Try to aim for just before lunch and just after dinner, Sunday through Thursday. On the weekends, the best times are noon, 6 pm- 7pm, and at 930pm.


Knowing how to launch a blog tour means knowing what people want. A couple times a week, give away something to the (Number of your choice here) person who posts a related comment, such as a free copy of your latest release or a gift basket you can make cheaply by shopping wisely. People love to win things and it will keep them coming back if allow the same winner to reenter other contests.

Now that you have your plan, add the full schedule online, to your website and blog and send out your press releases. Use your icontact service to email everyone on your list. Put it on every place you have and if possible, promote it offline as well, with flyers and business cards.

Don’t forget to write your posts. Learning how to launch a blog tour will not help you if there’s no content to support it. Make your posts funny or entertaining in some way, use good keywords in your descriptions and make sure you edit for spelling mistakes, which turn off buyers in a hurry. ALways include cover photos, using different angles to keep from having that same old thing feeling. Make sure your posts are labeled with a heat warning or age restriction and choose a catchy title.

The last part of understanding how to launch a blog tour is linking and scribd. Link your posts together and to other sites and pages as you put them online. Make them available to scribd, where they’ll be read and your buy links can be followed.

Keep track of where you’ve been and send thank you emails to each blog that hosted you. Offer to do the same for them.

Now that you know how to launch a blog tour, good luck!


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