The Top Seven Professions With High Divorce Rates

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1.) Those in Politics.

Politicians are a profession with high divorce rates due to many factors. Danger and time away from family is the most likely cause but differences of opinion and stress also factor in heavily. In a 24 hour day, a politician averages only 7 hours at home and 5 of that is spent sleeping.

2.) Those in the Military.

Imagine years away from your family. How much would they have changed. This can be blamed on time away and stress over the danger, both on those serving and waiting at home.

3.) Those who work third shift jobs.

Working while everyone else sleeps takes its toll on a marriage. A third shift person is not able to help with many of life’s routine chores, leaving the other person or people to feel taken advantage of. There is also the worry over safety and the lack of money, which is usually why someone works the third shift.

4.) Truckers & Taxi Drivers.

This is a dangerous profession with awful chunks of time to be spent on the road. Drivers put in 12 + hour shifts at a time, many working 6 days a week. It leaves little time for anything other than sleep, leaving families stressed and broken.

5.) Police Officers.

Seeing the worst of society and then having to go home and pretend noting happened, is hard. Stress building, time is often interrupted by calls, and the money isn’t very much considering the risk of a life each shift. Those on the home front often crumple under the pressure.

6.) Fire Fighters.

This is the most dangerous profession with high divorce rates. Running into a burning building is dangerous and stressful to say the least. Sometimes courage just isn’t enough to be married and a fire fighter at the same time.

7.) Doctors.

Did you know most doctors are not married? This comes from stress and the effect of seeing so much misery on a daily basis. Few can cope with everything a doctor goes through in a single 24 hour period. Not to mention the lack of time.

Why are these the professions with high divorce rates? They’re the ones that help the world the most and don’t little kids all want to be a doctor or police officer?

There are many reasons but they all have two things in common:

*Time away from family.

*Stress levels beyond what’s normal.

Now that you know the professions with high divorce rates, don’t let that stop you from becoming them. It can be done.


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