It’s Going to Get Worse

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It’s going to Get Worse

By Joseph Parish

I turned on the television set last night just in time to catch the evening news. Once again I hear how bad our economy is getting and wonder just how low it can drop before it starts to level out. Wars worldwide eating up our budget, vast numbers of unemployed American’s with no means of support, crime jumping out of bounds and government spending as if we had unlimited funds. The United States simply can not continue to survive fruitfully under these circumstances, something must be done.

As I switched my TV off I pondered my own status on this rough economic highway. I am doing fine right now however what will happen in the future? In view of all the current conditions I can only see things getting worse in the future. With the thought of the economy breaking below the bottom I thought a few hints might be in order.

There is no doubt in my mind that our current way of living is on its way out. We will likely have to alter the manner in which we usually conduct our affairs greatly. We can look forward to the prices we pay for our necessities to increase drastically in coming months. As the times get worse visits to the local restaurants will more then likely decrease as more and more people enjoy each others company in their home. Here is your chance to spend quality time with your family and hold some interesting and though provoking conversations. They say that every black cloud has a silver lining and perhaps this is the one for our problem. Nothing could be more romantic or enjoyable then sitting at home in the evening eating a candle light dinner with a loved one.

We all need clothing to replace those items we have as they wear out. Perhaps in the past you would visit the high price clothing stores and your closet quickly become over loaded with tons of popular designer clothing. Well folks as the hard times roll in those name tags will likely go the way that the Edsel did years ago. Thrift stores are going to be gaining in popularity as the customers flock to the doors prior to opening in search of their favorite name brand clothing. Perhaps you or your wife is pretty handy with a sewing machine. My wife made the majority of her own clothing while she was in high school and believe me there is nothing wrong with homemade clothes. In fact, they are usually unique and bring about questions as to where another may obtain one like it.

Normal operations of your home offer you many opportunities to cut the cost of living greatly. Start by lowering the thermostat slightly. If you happen to get cold put on a sweater to warm up. After a while you get used to this routine. Europeans do this all the time and have for years so it’s about time we adopted the same policy. Take short showers as opposed to soaking in a hot tub of water for hours. Drink ice tea in opposition to the usual Coke or Pepsi products. It is better for you and costs much less.

We have addressed several items of interest here however the most important of all is shelter. I am fortunate that my home is paid for however I realize that most people do not find themselves in a similar situation. Security of your home is of prime consideration. I have several means setup at this time however in view of the security efforts involved I will not mention them at this time. Suffice to say that you should investigate all avenues at your disposal. Keep in mind the purpose of a home or shelter is to protect the occupants from the elements and the outside negative influences.

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