Do it For Our Forefathers

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Do it for our Forefathers

By Joseph Parish

Where are the values hiding such as our forefathers displayed in 1776? These were men who would stand up for their country and what it stood for. They took a stand whether it was against a foreign aggressor or a homegrown persecutor. The little man’s dignity and value were deemed worthy of our plight and concern. Nowadays it’s almost as if our people don’t care or they have lost that American backbone from past years.

When it comes down to the preservation of our constitutional; rights where are those men who are willing to come forth and proclaim that this is my country and I am willing to make a difference? We see our rights being eroded on a daily basis. Politicians are continually nibbling away at the very amendments which created our great country. The point to be made is that its time to wake up and act.

Our country has traditionally stood our grounds when it came to disposing of slick tyrants for we knew that if we did not then we were destine to become as slaves. A typical example rests with our right to keep and bear arms. Since the days of the Revolutionary War, America’s have felt so strongly in favor of this right that it was included as a part of our famous Bill of Rights. In short, this portion of the constitution refers to the assertion that our people have a personal right as a citizen to maintain a weapon for their individual use. An arm in this sense implies an assortment of weapons.

This right was listed as the second amendment for a specific reason; our founding fathers felt it was important enough to be highlighted early in the creation of the Bill of Rights. We are a unique nation in our ability to own weapons as opposed to many foreign nations. China as an example has their series of regulations concerning private ownership of weapons. The People’s Republic of China makes it a violation of their established firearm control policies to secretly maintain firearms or even ammunition by the private individual. In addition, should the government find out and request that you relinquish them and you refuse you could be sentenced to several years in prison.

Even Mexico when they wrote their constitution included the passage of Article 10, which defends the citizen’s right to possess weapons as designated and approved by the government.

One interesting concept is the Muslim Sharia law which lists weapons ownership as a freedom with the reservations that in times of civil violence that right could be suspended. It also implies that Jews and Christians under Islamic rule are prohibited from bearing arms. Often you will discover that some global Muslim areas do not live by the Sharia law but rather by civil codes. Indonesia, Pakistan and Turkey are prominent countries which promote the civil code as their primary reference when involving weapons.

Having resided in Spain for several years I quickly became aware that the state controlled the use and ownership of weapons. In general, everyone with a weapon was required to have a license for that weapon issued by the Guardia Civil.

One can look at these various laws and say, “well they do not appear to be much different then our own”, however the difference lies primarily in the type of gun talked about. Most nations allow ownership of shotguns intended for hunting. Few others like our beloved America permit private ownership of hand guns, we must preserve and protect this right above all else.

I am in no way advocating civil disobedience but we must continue to act on this topic. As a responsible citizen each and every one of us should be letting our representatives know how we view our second amendment rights as vital for American citizens and we refuse to lessen the importance of it. Pick up your pen and paper today while its fresh in your mind and get the point across to your congressman and senators before its too later.

Copyright @2010 Joseph Parish


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