Improve Your Digestion in Two Steps

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Did you know that you could greatly improve your digestion without adopting a 100% raw food diet and without having to give up cooked foods?

All you have to do is take these two steps:

#1: Eat More Fiber

Everyone knows how important fiber is in your diet. It’s absolutely vital for healthy digestion devoid of constipation, hemorrhoids, and diverticulosis.

But did you know that fiber has also been linked to the prevention of various cancers (particularly colon cancer) and heart disease, which is the number one cause of death in America?

And did you also know that fiber is necessary for healthy weight loss as well?

*How to Eat More Fiber*

When I say eat more fiber, I don’t mean popping fiber supplements or downing bowls of bran.

I mean incorporating more fresh produce, specifically fruit and tender leafy greens, into your diet. Unlike supplements and cereal grains, raw produce is delicious, nutritious, and full of easy-to-digest soluble fiber.

And you can easily add more fruits and veggies into your diet by simply starting each meal with as much raw fruit as you care for and having a big salad  with your dinner.

#2: Eat Less Fat

Improving digestion isn’t just about eating more fruits and veggies. In fact, many people find that their digestion actually WORSENS after eating a bunch of fiber-rich fruit.

How many times have you heard someone complain of gas, bloating, or even “the runs” after a breakfast full of fruit?

This is where step number two (pun intended) comes in. You need to limit your fat intake if you really want to see your digestion improve.

That’s because fat takes much longer for your body to digest than carbohydrates. And when it’s rancid cooked fat that has been poorly combined with sugar and protein-rich foods, this process takes even longer.

When you eat a typical fatty cooked meal for dinner and then follow that with a fruit breakfast the next morning, your system is still working on your slow-digesting dinner meal. Rather than passing through your digestive system easily and quickly as it should, the fruit has time to ferment, leading to gas and bloating.

So if you want to improve your digestion, you’ve got to cut back on the fat. And as I’m sure you know, it’s not just about digestion. Too much fat is dangerous to your entire physical and mental well-being.

And guess what? A low fat diet can help you lose weight too!

*How to Eat Less Fat*

First, you need to know what percentage of your diet currently consists of fat.

Simply use a calorie counting resource like Fit Day or Nutridiary to track everything you eat for at least a week. Once the week is up, see what your average fat intake is and aim to lower it by at least 5%.

Gradually continue to decrease the amount of fat you consume until you average no more than 10% of calories from fat.

Go raw and be fit,



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