Advantages of The Taser Gun

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The taser gun basically uses high electrical voltage to stun suspects and bring them down. The gun shoots nodes with electrical charge into a subject, and once the nodes enter the body of the suspect, electricity is immediately activated and the suspect receives charge for 5 seconds. Law enforcement agencies now favor this weapon over others.

One reason why law enforcement wants to use this technology is because it is much more humane then the traditional pistol. The pistol would probably kill a person immediately. If this happens, the officer would never know whether the person they shot was the actual criminal, and also, obviously, they would have killed a person. If a taser gun is used, 2 law enforcement officers could team up, and one could shoot the suspect with the taser gun and the other can apprehend the suspect and put him/her in handcuffs. This way, nobody is seriously hurt except for the suspect, who had a 5 second jolt. Also, since the electricity stuns the muscles, the suspect will have no choice but to collapse and wait to be apprehended. Compare this to using a gun, which would just take a life.

Another advantage that the taser gun has is that it does not require ammo. Before, the law enforcement agency would go through many boxes of ammo in just a month, and that could get pricey. However, the taser gun does not require ammo, and just requires an electrical charge through a type of battery pack. The gun also has a laser sight, which means that the gun is just as accurate as a regular gun. Law enforcement officers also test their gun to see that it works every week, so the gun can be completely safe to use in the field and officers can be sure that it will fire. The gun can also be implemented in point blank situations, as well as from far away. The taser gun can have the nodes removed to expose an electrical arc, which can be forced upon a suspect which will produce the same result as with the nodes.

Law enforcement officers must be shot with a taser so that they know what it feels like if they want to use a taser in their work, but because of this, they will be able to deal with a misfire and they will know how to operate under those conditions. I hope that this little tidbit of information can help you understand how taser guns work and how they can be very useful for law enforcement. 


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