Come Back Soon

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God cares so much about his children that he loves and does everything for us that believe in him. There is nothing that God can’t do as long as we learn to trust in him. Let’s cherish each moment that pass and let Jesus be your friend. Pray every day and thank God for everything and always keep him on our mind. The most important thing for us to remeber is that God is love. We can cast all of our cares and burdens on the one who resides way above. God is spirit and we should worship him in spirit and in truth. We must love our neighbor just like Jesus loved his disciples,do you need some proof. Imagine being there for everyone and being betrayed so many times. This is what Jesus did and still had love to heal the blind. God is so kind that I want to want to pray for your spitual growth. This prayer will satisfy your inner man so that you will never have to thirst.

Most Holy and everlasting God can you strenghten me because I am weak, also can you forgive me of my many sins. I now know that you love me through Jesus and that he is my only friend. Your words are the only words that I ever want to ever speak. I am a wiling vessel ready to be used by you and I’m finally ready to be cleansed,so we can meet. Can you continue to guide the leaders of this world and please send Jesus back soon. The blood of Jesus covers me through every situation from midnight until the afternoon. I love you today but I know that you love me more then I can ever imagine. I understand that I will have no longer be seperated from you because in Jesus name it is finished.

Amen. Amen.


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