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Your blog does not necessarily need to be educational in nature. You may also want to entertain and reward your readers for being part of your community. Regardless, if you choose to create and maintain a blog, you can do a number of specific things to make your blog successful.

Keep in mind that creating a successful blog requires a serious commitment of time and resources. Although you can lauch a blog for free through blog software vendors such as or, your blog is likely to require that you have a Web host that can handle your traffic, server, and database demands. Expect your blog to be a significant distraction from your normal course of business. Writing interesting and usefull blog posts requires a significant amount of time. In many cases, you must perform some research to back up or support your writing, and you may also need to request permission if you want to  use particular images or screenshots in your work. In short, remember that launching a blog requires your absolute commitment for it to be succsessful.

            Using Experienced writers with industry knowledge

Your blog should be maintained by a high level individual at your business who understands your products and services very well. This person does not need to be an executive level person, but should be someone with enough experiance with your products to come across as educated and knowledgeable. If your goal is to use your blog as a resource for others in your industry. Make sure that all the claims that you make are factual and that you are not questioned about the authenticity of your writing.

Using an administrator

Your blog should have an administrator. An administrator acts as a moderator by approving or declining comments and manages the overall goals of your community. For example, you maywant your administrator to provide  perks to those membeers who comment frequently. Recognizing your most active members is a great way to keep those members coming back and to build community.

Hold Contents and giveaways

One way of getting interest in your blog is to periodically hold contents or giveaways. For example, you can create a blog post in the form of a poll that asks your readers to guess what your top selling product will be for any given week. each guess counts as one entry in the contest. You can select the winner at random from the correct answers and give the top selling product ore some other incentive as a prize. Holding contests keeps your readers interested in your blog and provides incentive for them to talk about your business and frequently visit your web site.

Offer RSS Technology

Another approach to getting people to frequently follow your blog is to offer your content through RSS. RSS allows your readers to keep up with your blog in an automated manner and is easier for them than checking your blog randomly for new content. The most popular blog feed management providers is FeedBurner. Wich is a free service located at Once you join FeedBurner and add a FeedBurner icon to your Website, your readers can easily join your RSS fedd. For example, via the FeedBurner blog feed management system, your readers can select to receive an e-mail notification every time you write a new blog post. The e-mail contain either a summrary of your content or the full text with a link to your Web site.

Break news or piddyback news.

Another approach to attracting new readers to your blog is by breaking news or piggyback a news story that effects your area of expertise. For example, you can use at your company. also, you can provide an interpretation or a summary of a popular news story that occurs within your industry. If possible, you should spin the story bay making some predictions about what the news means for your industry or why the news is good or bad. Remember that your goal is to come across as a creadible authority in your field, so you should make sure that your opinions are substantive and not entirely speculative.

Interview Experts

There are several strategies that you can use to recruit new readers to your blog. One of the most effective ways to get new readers interested in your work is by interviewing experts and other well known people associated with your particular industry. You should ask questions abot your interviewee’s personal life. For example, your business may be in the manufacturing industry. An example  of a provocative question might include something about why most manufacturers have not taken proactive steps to control water and air pollution. A softer approach might be to ask the expert about the pros and cons of offshore manufacturing. Asking the expert about family and favorite pastimes is another way of making your interview personable and attractive to your readers.


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